About Marykel

Who we are and what we’re all about.


Mary Kel Company was founded in 1997, by a husband and wife team, Edwin and Frances Hernandez. Named after their three children Mary Catherine, Maria (Mary in English) Erika and Michael (nicknamed “Kel”) Timothy.

Due to the Asian Crises in the late 90’s, the manufacturing company that Edwin and Frances were working for was heavily in debt and was ready to close down. To support their three children and several of their loyal employees, Mary Kel Company was born.

Edwin and Frances had the experience and the knowledge to start Mary Kel. However, they had a different vision in mind. They wanted to develop; manufacture and either wholesale or retail their own designs with a high quality standard.

This dream started actualizing when Frances met Dick Stevens of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. The two creative minds developed the world famous miniature shoes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. Because of the demand and popularity of the shoes, Frances garnered awards and recognition from several countries for Mary Kel.

Due to the popularity of the shoes, Mary Kel was in demand to produce exclusive items for several other buyers in different countries.

Today, Mary Kel has established itself as a brand of high quality décor. Soon this brand will be sold thru retail stores near you.